Dow innovations bring on-the-go convenience and extended freshness.


Resins, adhesives and coatings from Dow help provide valuable, convenient produce packaging for on-the-go consumers. Eating healthy is easier when salads, vegetables, and fruits are cleaned, packaged, and ready-to-eat.

Dow understands the challenges and opportunities of the rapidly growing produce market. Through collaborative efforts with brand owners, retailers and converters, Dow has developed a wide range of packaging material options to help keep produce fresh and delicious.

Extended Produce Freshness 

Dow’s products for produce packaging help ensure the correct exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the inside of the package and the atmosphere. How much oxygen exchange is needed depends on the produce being packaged. When combined with proper refrigeration, the correct material can lengthen the shelf life of fresh produce. 

Other considerations that go into Dow’s products for produce packaging material are airtight seals, overall toughness to withstand handling and long-distance distribution, and sustainability.

Pack Studios – Where Collaboration Drives Innovation

Your produce packaging challenge will find the perfect solution at Dow’s Pack Studios. With a global network of packaging experts, Dow’s Pack Studios feature the latest equipment, materials and testing capabilities all under one roof and in the spirit of collaboration. Learn more about Pack Studios.


Dow's Produce Packaging market features several specialty applications.