Dow products for liquid packaging help provide value to consumers, cost-effectively.


Dow's high performing products for liquid packaging can help preserve freshness while protecting the contents during transportation and everyday use.

Packaging of liquid and semi-solid food requires toughness, resistance to flex cracking, and seal integrity – all addressed by Dow products.

Dow’s biggest achievement in the liquid packaging market has been its ability to develop products and technologies that help reduce overall costs and minimize consumer waste. 

Dow Innovations: Stand Up Pouches & PacXpert™

Dow helped develop the first-of-its-kind stand up pouch over 20 years ago. Stand up pouches are becoming an industry staple as the application helps reduce costs and waste, and are easy to use.

Dow’s latest collaborative innovation is PacXpert™ Packaging Technology. PacXpert™ enables the conversion of liquids, dry foods and other products traditionally sold in large rigid containers to lightweight, flexible packaging. This reduces a variety of costs, is more sustainable, and convenient to consumers.

Pack Studios – Where Collaboration Drives Innovation

Your liquid packaging challenge will find the perfect solution at Dow’s Pack Studios. With a global network of packaging experts, Dow’s Pack Studios feature the latest equipment, materials and testing capabilities all under one roof and in the spirit of collaboration. Learn more about Pack Studios.


Dow's Liquid Packaging market features several specialty applications.