As the world keeps coming up with new products, Dow keeps innovating new ways
to package them.


The abundance and diversity of consumer personal care and home care products continues to grow. And many of these new products have unique packaging requirements.

Dow keeps pace with this growth and the new demands through collaborative packaging research with brand owners and converters around the world.

Consumer Packaging’s Need For Aesthetics and Performance

The combination of excellent aesthetics and faultless performance make Dow products particularly suitable for the consumer market.

A key to Dow’s success in the consumer packaging market is its highly collaborative approach with brand owners and converters. Everyone is committed to finding low-cost, innovative and sustainable solutions.

Our Pack Studios around the world are where brand owners, converters and other value chain partners can come together with Dow’s packaging experts to collaborate, test and create innovative consumer packaging solutions. Learn more about Pack Studios.


Dow's Consumer Packaging market features several specialty applications.