Dow innovations are helping lead the agricultural industry to a more profitable and
environmentally friendly future.


Dow’s R&D in polyethylene technology for use on farms has helped reduce the need for chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, and helped improve overall efficiency.

A perfect example is silage wrap formulated with Dow resins. Thanks to the innovative efforts of Dow and its collaborators, silage wrap helps to maintain the nutritional value of forage plants such as corn, vegetables and grasses until its needed. 

Dow Agricultural Films Help Mother Nature

Silage film is just one of the ways Dow is improving traditional material used in farming environments. Dow resins are improving the performance and durability of greenhouse and tunnel films, geomembranes and mulch films. All of these products help improve crop quality and crop yield, and remain environmentally friendly.

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Dow's Agricultural Packaging market features specialty applications.