Dow Innovation Delivers Performance & Sustainability with the Polyethylene Stand Up Pouch.


To meet the growing demand for environmentally-friendly packaging, Dow recently developed the PE Stand Up Pouch (SUP) made from only one raw material, polyethylene.

A PE Stand Up Pouch offers the same convenience and performance of multi-material pouches with the added benefit of being recyclable where PE bag and film recovery currently exists.

When compared to other packaging options, PE Stand Up Pouches are often lighter in weight and that can lead to decreased energy use in manufacturing, transportation and refrigeration.

The recyclability and energy efficiency of PE Stand Up Pouches can help a company meet its sustainability goals. Expanding sustainability is a corporate-wide effort that Dow has been advocating for over two decades. Learn more about Dow’s overall 2025 Sustainability Goals.

PE Stand Up Pouch Applications

The PE stand up pouch can create a unique, glossy and aesthetically pleasing package that can showcase frozen foods, dry goods and more.

Frozen Food – Pre-cooked and frozen vegetables and legumes; frozen fruit and fruit pulp; animal protein based products

Dry Products – Cereals, crackers, flour products, grains & legumes, spices & seasonings, pie / cake / bread mixes