AGILITY™ Performance LDPE Resins enable an uncoupling from conventional rules in LDPE between melt strength and melt index. This offers those customers in the blown film industry serving a wide range of applications within food and industrial packaging and agricultural films the ability to produce thinner films faster for improved conversion efficiency and sustainability.

AGILITY™ 1200 Performance LDPE Resin is specifically designed to be used as a blending partner with LLDPE resins such as DOWLEX™ Polyethylene, ELITE™ Enhanced Polyethylene (EPE), and INNATE™ Precision Packaging Resins for best output/mechanics balance:

  • Improved output:
    • up to +18% vs. industry standard film resin such as DOW™ LDPE 132I/310E
    • lower apparent viscosity at the same MI
    • lower screen pressure (by about 10%)
    • Higher melt strength vs. standard fractional tubular resins for improved bubble stability and processability
  • Good film properties
    • Dart and MD secant modulus similar to AGILITY™ 1000
    • MD tear 10-25% improved