AGILITY™ EC Performance LDPE Resins have been specially designed to meet coatings industry needs on high conversion speed and light coating weights for improved conversion efficiency and sustainability. Additionally, AGILITY™ resins offer customers and the industry a sustainable, long-term supply solution to autoclave technology.

In addition to the latest commercial grade, AGILITY™ EC 7000, the first product introduced, the technology platform is expanding the family with two more resins designed to meet current and future needs of the packaging industry.

AGILITY™ EC 7000 is specifically designed to allow for:

  • High coating speeds
  • Light coating weights

AGILITY™ EC 7220 is specifically designed to be used as a blend partner in ELITE™ EPE rich blends, for example up to 70%, for:

  • High coating speeds
  • Light coating weights
  • Improved sealability

AGILITY™ EC 7080 is specifically designed to allow for:

  • Very high coating speeds
  • Very light coating weights

AGILITY™ resins versus incumbent autoclaves offer LDPE’s following advantages:

  • Global availability
  • Improved long-term supply flexibility
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Good organoleptics
  • Ease of process even at high speed