Refining and Gas Processing Services

Services Designed to Help Maximize Your Operations

What Dow offers the refining and gas processing industry goes beyond the breadth of our physical and chemical solvents, chelants, glycols, high temperature heat transfer fluids, adsorbents and other products.

Our global team of technical experts, located near you, has a deep understanding of our products and decades of experience. Our services and comprehensive in-house analytical testing capabilities can help you optimize your operations throughout your projects’ lifecycles.

Dow’s technical service team will help you to:

  • Reduce downtime and operational challenges
  • Minimize CAPEX and OPEX to sustain the gains
  • Ensure continuity of plant operation knowledge

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Find out how our experts located around the world will accompany you throughout the lifecycle of your project, come to your facility to partner with you to identify potential issues and implement sustainable system improvements.

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Our Services Available to you

Design and Implementation

We offer performance support for new or existing systems, using simulation tools to help increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Analytical Expertise

We can help establish analytical capabilities and train your teams to perform routine field tests using established methods. Provided test kits enable analyses to be run on-site.

Process Monitoring

Dow can assist your plant in monitoring performance and supporting the operations staff to ensure unit reliability year over year. This can include predictive equations and remote monitoring, including assistance with corrosion monitoring.

System Cleaning Programs

System reliability is closely linked to strong turnaround management. Based on our system analysis, we will recommend the appropriate cleaning solvents and cleaning best practices to start up your unit reliably after removing any build-up or system contamination.


Topics range from analytical reporting to unit operations that help ensure safe, efficient and reliable operations.


Dow has added new features to the RAMP360 program including a corrosion monitoring program. We are able to use state of the art technology on your amine treating units that is quick, non-intrusive and efficient to complement your current asset management programs. The Corrosion Management Program is tailored to fit your system’s needs to monitor and, ultimately, reduce corrosion rates over time.

Emissions Management

Using our proprietary simulators, we can help you find the right solution to reduce overall emissions from your system without reducing long-term energy efficiency.