High pH? Low Temps?
No Problem.

Introducing New-Generation ROMAX™ 9630 Cationic Water Clarifier

With oil exploration reaching into ever colder climates, environmental regulations tightening globally, and limited supplies of freshwater, you need a high-performing oil-water separation solution that’s well-known in the industry.

Dow is announcing its new ROMAX™ 9630 Cationic Water Clarifier. All the great benefits of others in the 9000 series. Plus one more.

Our Plus One.

With the ROMAX™ 9630 Cationic Water Clarifier, we now have an excellent water clarifier, which shows superior performance in high pH emulsions. And, it’s fit for use in some of the world’s coldest temperatures. Extensive testing shows outstanding clarifier performance and product stability across a variety of crudes down to -40ºF (-40ºC). 

Water quality tablet

* Crude oil sourced from various geographical regions
Graphic representations presented here are for illustration purposes only and should not be construed as product specifications.

Water quality key

Figure 1. Color map of bottle test results with ROMAX™ 6630 Water Clarifier in 3 different oil-in-water emulsions. The performance was rated based on the water clarity from a scale of 1-5 and the stability of the oil layer from a scale of 1-4 as indicated by the keys.


Unlike our competitors’ products, there is still no inversion or hydration needed with this cationic clarifier. Our aqueous-based products are ready to use when they arrive and can be dosed immediately without causing gelling or other downstream instability issues.

Achieve Your Operating and Environmental Goals

Whether your goal is to reuse or discard the produced water, our clarifiers help ensure that oil levels are low enough so water can be confidently reused and integrated back into the system.

Even small quantities of re-injected oil through produced water can quickly build up and impact your bottom line. Dow’s ROMAX™ Water Clarifiers can help you meet a wide range of oil-in-water targets.

Still Not Sure?

Dow can provide your team with some of the best technical expertise in oil field chemistry. Whether it’s a sample or through a technical expert, we’ll work to show you how our water clarifiers will benefit your operations.

ROMAX™ Water Clarifiers. A trusted name in the oil production industry for 30 years.

Get a sample and let our experts show you how.