With more than 45 years of experience in phase separation chemistry, Dow has harnessed the depths of interfacial science technology to create chemistries that assist with oil-water separation and can control the gas-liquid interface.

In the three-phase separator, excessive foaming caused by a high gas-to-oil ratio can cause equipment shutdowns leading to lost production time. Harnessing the industry leading expertise, Dow’s DOWSIL™ Antifoams can reduce this downtime and allow increased production. Alternatively, breaking crude oil/water emulsions is also a critical step in the oil production process for meeting production targets, adhering to commercial crude oil specifications and yielding cleaner produced water for discharge or reinjection. Customers can count on DEMTROL™ crude oil demulsifiers, or emulsion breaker bases from Dow to help produce the most cost-effective solutions possible.

The tightening supply of fresh water is one of the factors driving the oil and gas industry to seek new solutions for reducing oil in water prior to discharge that has led Dow’s development of the ROMAX™ Water Clarifier product line. Romax products help separate oil from produced water and reverse (oil-in-water) emulsions, which serve to protect both the environment and production equipment.