DOW™ Ultrafiltration Technology Delivers Water Savings, Exceptional Bacteria Removal in New Haier Eco-Friendly Washing Machine

Shanghai - October 27, 2014 - Through a joint development with Dow Water & Process Solutions (DW&PS), Haier Group has commercialized the first Casarte eco-friendly washing machine enabled by DOW™ Ultrafiltration (UF) Technology. The washing machine is designed and built with the new DOW PURINZE™ UF module that facilitates more than 30 percent reduction in water consumption while improving water quality by removing as much as 99 percent of common bacteria1.

"With the integration of the PURINZE™ UF module, we are bringing more sustainable clothes washing to life," said Wenwei Li, R&D director for Haier Casarte eco-friendly washing machine. "The improved water quality of this machine delivers exceptional cleaning performance. The PURINZE™ UF module removes as much as 99 percent of common bacteria during washing, which significantly improves hygiene and brings healthier clothes to the users. Because of the excellent filtration performance, water consumption was reduced by more than 30 percent -- another significant breakthrough in washing machines, addressing water scarcity issues and resonating well with a more and more sustainable consumer lifestyle."

It is an industry first to apply ultrafiltration technology to washing machines. The PURINZE™ module runs continuously during washing, and based on testing performed by Casarte can last as long as the lifetime of the washing machine. Composed of porous hollow fibers about 20-30 nanometers in diameter, the module allows water molecules to pass through while blocking bacteria and mites. As a result, as much as 99 percent of common bacteria and mites2, as well as other dirt and contaminants are removed from the water and discharged from the washing machine.

"This successful application speaks to our commitment to providing innovative solutions that address world challenges, such as the need for hygiene in a water-stressed world," said Cedella Beazley, filtration business unit director at DW&PS. "At Dow, we listen to the market before we innovate. We will continue to explore new opportunities in the residential appliance market segment, bringing more sustainable solutions to consumers."

The washing machine project falls under the strategic collaboration between Dow and Haier, which began in 2010 to provide innovative and differentiated products for consumers. In the past few years, DW&PS and Haier have collaborated in diversified formats in the area of residential water purification, including using DOW FILMTEC™ Reverse Osmosis (RO) components for Haier's high-end residential water purification products, and applying DOW PURINZE™ UF module to the first eco-friendly washing machine.

"The close collaboration between Haier and Dow allows us to conduct cross-business activities to create innovative solutions," said Snehal Desai, global business director for DW&PS. "In today's increasingly competitive market, a successful business is defined not only by how good your products are, but also by how well you collaborate with your customers to respond to the needs of the value chain. It's exciting to see our mutual commitment to creating game-changing technologies, and we look forward to continuing this partnership in the future."

1 Bacteria testing done by China Testing & Inspection Institute for Household Electric Appliances
2 Mite testing done by China?s National Institute of Parasitic Diseases, Center For Disease Control & Prevention

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