Oilfield Operator Increases Use of Recycled Produced Water to Nearly 100 Percent with Advanced Filtration

TEQUATIC™ PLUS Filters economically reduce suspended solids and cut water-related operating costs by 60 percent

Edina, MN - August 18, 2015 - An oilfield water service provider is helping a Colorado oilfield operator cut water sourcing and hauling costs for hydraulic fracturing by integrating self-cleaning TEQUATIC™ PLUS F-75 Filters into a water treatment plant, more than tripling the use of recycled produced water for its customer to nearly 100 percent.

The service provider, BNN Energy, assessed the ability of bag filters, dissolved air flotation (DAF), and TEQUATIC™ PLUS Filters to remove high, oily total suspended solids (TSS) in produced water prior to recycling. The 100-micron bag filters used in the customer’s existing system, however, required excessive maintenance and filter changes. In addition, only 30 percent of the produced water could be recycled due to microbial growth issues during storage. Continuing to treat the water with bleach was expensive and, consequently, most of the produced water was hauled away. Similarly, the operator determined that DAF was over-engineered for the application, requiring chemicals and continuous, cost-prohibitive monitoring. 

TEQUATIC PLUS Filters were ultimately chosen due to their simple and economical operation, and their ability to consistently treat high-solids, oily water with minimal maintenance, filter changes and chemicals. BNN installed five TEQUATIC PLUS Filters into the new water treatment plant in December 2014 and, consequently, was able to recycle nearly 100 percent of produced water – more efficiently than traditional technologies can deliver for this application.

BNN expects to save about two dollars per barrel of water for its customer, ultimately reducing water-related operating costs by about 60 percent.1

 Because TEQUATIC PLUS Filters can filter out very fine particles – in this case, down to 20 microns – the recycled water in storage tanks is much less susceptible to microbial growth,” said Rom Ginzburg, global strategic marketing manager for Oilfield Water, Dow Energy & Water Solutions. “Finer filtration also enables higher blend rates of recycled produced water used in additional fracking jobs, which reduces the cost of maintenance, consumables, water sourcing and water treatment. At the same time, it improves operator safety due to less handling and chemical exposure.”

BNN also looked to the operational flexibility of TEQUATIC PLUS filters, including their ability to be easily mounted on mobile platforms and remotely monitored off site. Remote monitoring enables staff to adjust the system to varying frack water conditions via mobile device —another source of convenience and savings.  Furthermore, because more water can be recycled and reused than ever before, there are fewer issues related to securing fresh water, a growing concern as water becomes scarcer due to drought and population growth, among other considerations.

“To solve the growing issue of water scarcity, we need to reduce consumption, be more efficient and recycle water wherever possible,” said Larry Ryan, business president for Dow Energy and Water Solutions. “By re-evaluating current water treatment systems and implementing advanced technologies wherever possible, we all play a role in protecting and extending our water resources.”

BNN plans to continue to integrate TEQUATIC PLUS Filters into similar oilfield applications. According to Eric Gopsill, BNN’s director of Water Solutions, “There is no discussion to be had about TEQUATIC PLUS Filters versus bags and DAF, in terms of which is better for this type of application. For us, TEQUATIC PLUS Filters are proving to be generations ahead. It is my solids removal technology, period.”

TEQUATIC PLUS Filters are available as convenient, easy-to-install skids or as individual housings.

For more information, including case studies, please visit www.cleanfiltration.dow.com. Also, see how industry is addressing water scarcity with advanced self-cleaning filtration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis technologies in a new infographic.

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1Results may vary depending on specific operating conditions. 

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