New PASCAL™ PRO Technology from Dow implemented for the First Time with a Retrofit Kit for Discontinuous Panels Production

Combining custom tailored formulations and retrofitted vacuum-assisted injection equipment to help discontinuous panels manufacturers for cold storage rooms achieve a step-change in productivity and foam performance

Horgen, Switzerland - April 13, 2015 - For the first time, PASCALTM PRO polyurethane systems from The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW) have been successfully implemented on a vacuum- retrofit kit delivering optimized discontinuous production of sandwich panels. Dow introduced its new solution at COSMA IMPIANTI, a leading Italian cold storage room manufacturer. PASCALTM PRO polyurethane systems from Dow are specifically developed for production with injection-under-reduced-pressure equipment and have demonstrated to increase productivity, reduce applied density, improve the thermal insulation and achieve optimal foam properties.

Visit Dow’s stand 2230 at UTECH Europe 2015 in Maastricht from April 14 to 16 to learn how this technology can benefit you.

A special business relationship

“Collaboration between Cosma Impianti and Dow dates back 15 years,” comments Girolamo Cosma, owner and founder of Cosma Impianti. “This continuous and stimulating partnership has brought to market new fabrication and process technologies featuring breakthrough productivity and quality improvements in cold storage panels.”

Step-change Processing and Performance Improvements

“This new application of PASCAL™ PRO Technology from Dow has been implemented on an existing discontinuous press retrofitted for vacuum-assisted injection,” further explains Alberto Mercati, EMEAI Associate Marketing Director for Energy Efficiency at Dow Polyurethanes. “An immediate step-change improvement has been achieved in terms of faster demolding times, lower applied density and enhanced panel quality, with minimal investments. We have partnered with Cosma Group to validate and industrialize the new technology, combining PASCAL™ PRO high-performing and state-of-the-art polyurethane systems with injection-under-reduced-pressure retrofitted equipment.”

Alberto Mercati concludes: “PASCALTM PRO has the potential to become a new industry standard, allowing a wide range of discontinuous panels producers to retrofit existing equipment for vacuum-assisted injection and to achieve new productivity levels with current and new blowing agents.”

New PASCAL™ PRO Technology from Dow implemented for the First Time with a Retrofit Kit for Discontinuous Panels Production

Building on Dow’s leadership in the field of energy efficient solutions, the new PASCAL™ PRO technology delivers key features to discontinuous panels producers (DCP) for cold chain and construction industries:

• up to 40% faster demolding time,

• up to 10% lower applied density

• up to 5% improvement in thermal insulation.

The PASCALTM PRO concept is based on the well-known and successful Dow PASCALTM technology that uses the vacuum-assisted-injection process (VAI) in domestic appliances and has transferred the innovative concept to the professional arena of discontinuous panels.

The new technology has been tested with a wide range of blowing agents, including hydrofluoro-carbons (HFC) and low global warming potential (GWP) hydrocarbons, water blown and hydrofluoro-olefins (HFO) that allow a cost-competitive transition from hydrochloro-fluoro-carbons (HCFC) to more sustainable solution as mandated by International protocols.

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New PASCAL™ PRO Technology from Dow Delivers Breakthrough Insulation Performance in Discontinuous Panel Production for Cold Storage Rooms

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