Dow Scientists Recognized as 2017 Heroes of Chemistry

MIDLAND, Mich. - May 11, 2017

This week the American Chemical Society (ACS) announced that Dow and the scientists responsible for the development of AVANSE™ Acrylic Resins and EVOQUE™ Pre-Composite Polymers will be inducted into a scientific “Hall of Fame” later this summer, becoming the newest Heroes of Chemistry.

An honor bestowed by ACS, the world’s largest scientific society, the Heroes of Chemistry program acknowledges scientists whose work in chemistry and chemical engineering have led to commercial products that benefit the world. In this case, AVANSE™ and EVOQUE™ Technologies were recognized for helping make architectural paints greener and more economical.

To create this innovative polymer-pigment composite technology, a team was assembled that included scientists from a variety of disciplines including organic, inorganic, analytical, polymer and computational chemistry. This multi-disciplinary team combined its knowledge and expertise to create these binder platforms that allow for enhanced performance in architectural and industrial coatings, including easier application, improved infrastructure protection and longer coating life.

The novel, patented chemistry forces the pigments in paints into a more ordered geometry in the wet and dried paint films, which results in improved paint performance with lower cost raw materials. With reduced levels of TiO2, higher durability, and a broad adoption globally, the use of AVANSE™ and EVOQUE™ Technologies in paint translates into significant reductions in the carbon footprint, energy consumption, resource use, and waste generation.

Dow scientists who will be recognized for their involvement in the development of AVANSE™ and EVOQUE™ Polymers include: Linda Adamson, James Bardman, Kebede Beshah, Marie Bleuzen, James Bohling, Ward Brown, Stan Brownell, Michael Clark, Beth Cooper, Steven Edwards, David Fasano, Catherine Finegan, John Hook, Melinda Keefe, Alvin Maurice, Ozzie Pressley, William Rohrbach and Wei Zhang.

This technology was previously recognized with a number of awards including a Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award, an R&D 100 Award, a Prix Pierre Potier Medal, and a Green Cities Forum Award.