New DOW CORNING® EA-5151 Quick in Connect (QiC) Adhesive Formulated to Accelerate Electronic Assembly and Increase Production Throughput

Dow Corning, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company and a global leader in silicones, silicon-based technology and innovation, today introduced a new high-performance material to its growing portfolio of solutions for advanced assembly of automotive sensors, advanced driver assistance systems, interior electronics and displays. New DOW CORNING EA-5151 Quick in Connect (QiC) Adhesive combines fast green strength at room temperature, offering a more efficient alternative to heat-cured adhesives, double-sided tapes and mechanical fasteners.

“As automakers integrate more displays and sensors into their vehicles, they need innovative new solutions to assemble these components and systems more quickly and cost-effectively, while maintaining high quality standards,” said Rogier Reinders, global marketing director for Advanced Assembly Solutions at Dow Corning. “EA-5151 QiC Adhesive exemplifies Dow Corning’s proactive and collaborative approach to solving difficult technical and business challenges. Through our close, collaborative relationships with customers, we tailored new EA-5151 QiC Adhesive to address the demand for greater end-product reliability and performance, while meeting the needs of Tier 1 global production systems.”

Available as a one-part silicone formulation, DOW CORNING EA-5151 QiC Adhesive applies as a warmed liquid with a plunger-equipped gun or a robotic dispenser. It cools to a solid viscoelastic material that bonds without the need for primers to a broad range of metals and plastics, including many substrates that are difficult for many alternative solutions to adhere to. The silicone’s instant green strength allows assembled parts to be handled immediately after application to minimize wait time, reduce energy costs vs. thermal cures and eliminate the need for assembly aids, such as mechanical fasteners and screws. If heated to temperatures between 120°C and 130°C, the adhesive can be removed and reapplied within the first 24 hours, allowing for easy reworkability of parts.

“EA-5151 Adhesive is only the first product to launch in Dow Corning’s planned QiC family of adhesive solutions,” said Reinders “Our scientists continue to work closely with automotive industry leaders to expand and evolve the portfolio to offer additional QiC adhesives with the same instant green strength and durable adhesion for a broad range of transportation applications.”

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