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New NEOLONEâ„¢ Preservatives Provide Microbial Control Protection for Personal Care Products

Oct 29 2018
Dow Microbial Control answers market need for natural and next-generation preservatives, helping ensure product safety, efficacy and brand trust

Dow Microbial Control Introduces Two New Winterized AQUCARâ„¢ Water Treatment Microbiocides for Hydraulic Fracturing

Oct 10 2018
As hydraulic fracturing activity ramps up in colder locations across the United States to meet growing energy demand, harsher temperatures and environmental conditions remain a challenge.

Optimizing Hydraulic Fracturing Biocides For System And Shale Compatibility

Oct 01 2018
There are many sources of microbial contamination during the hydraulic fracturing process as fracturing fluid passes from the surface into the downhole environment. .

New Global Study from Dow Reveals Consumer Perceptions and Habits around Textile Odor Removal and Prevention

Sep 27 2018
Dow Microbial Control, a global business unit of DowDuPont Specialty Products Division, has unveiled new consumer research into odor control perceptions and habits across three global markets: China (including Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing), the United States and Japan.

Turning the Tide with Biocides

Sep 10 2018
Hydraulic fracturing operators are well aware of the water-intensive nature of their work. It can prove to be a problematic relationship, with the threat of microbial contamination looming over the success of an entire operation.
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