Optimize industrial water treatment systems

Industrial Water Treatment Technology

As a leader in microbial control, Dow offers technology for sustainable and effective water treatment programs. Our product portfolio includes a wide range of actives and formulations specifically designed to control the growth and proliferation of bacteria, algae, and fungi in the bulk water or biofilms.  As biofilms, these micro-organisms can contribute to biofouling, which can damage assets, decrease operational efficiency and help propagate harmful micro-organisms.

Our industrial water treatment technologies are effective against a broad spectrum of micro-organisms over a wide pH range. They are compatible with other water treatment chemicals and work in a variety of applications and systems, such as water filtration, cooling water systems and paper manufacturing.

Water Applications

We develop treatment technologies that are easy to handle, sustainable and help ensure accurate dosing.  Our actives are available in solid and liquid forms to fit your specific needs and operational requirements. KATHON™7 G, a novel solid isothiazolone, as well as other controlled release solid options in our portfolio, offer safer delivery alternatives that protect operations from slime-forming, sulfate-reducing bacteria and other detrimental micro-organisms.