Oil and Gas

Enhance performance of conventional and unconventional oil and gas operations

Oil and Gas Solutions

Proper control of bacteria and other microorganisms helps increase efficiency, making biocides an important and necessary component in sustainable oil and gas operations. Dow Microbial Control provides a broad range of solutions for the oil and gas industry, helping enhance pipeline and asset integrity, reduce microbial induced corrosion (MIC) and maintain hydrocarbon quality. Our products also help prevent biofilm and biofouling contamination that can cause reservoir plugging and souring.

As a leader in microbial control for oil and gas applications, Dow has the broadest portfolio of actives, deep technical and regulatory expertise, unmatched testing, and lab capabilities to enhance efficiency and sustainability in the energy production market.

Oil and Gas Applications

Dow Microbial Control’s technologies serve a variety of applications in the energy industry, maximizing hydrocarbon production processes, while preventing souring and protecting asset integrity by inhibiting microbial induced corrosion, biofilm and bacteria.