DOWEX MONOSPHERE™ Ion Exchange Resins

DOWEX MONOSPHERE™ Ion Exchange Resins are recognized as the premium offering in the deashing of sweeteners, the chromatographic enrichment of high fructose corn syrup and sugar recovery in beet sugar plants, and condensate polishing mixed beds for nuclear power generation plants. The tight uniform particle size of the beads provides premium performance over standard-grade resins with Gaussian particle size distribution. Both cation and anion exchange resins in both gel and macroporous polymer structures are available.

DOWEX MONOSPHERE™ 600i Inert Resin

DOWEX MONOSPHERE™ 600i Inert Resin is a non-functionalized resin used to enhance separation of cation and anion exchange resins prior to regeneration. While the primary application for DOWEX MONOSPHERE 600i is in condensate polishing systems for the electrical power generation industry, it can also be used in other high purity mixed bed systems such as those used to make ultrapure water for the manufacture of electronic components. Its density and particle size are tightly controlled to facilitate the terminal settling velocity is intermediate to those of the cation exchange resin and anion exchange resin, creating an inert zone between the functional resins. This inert zone reduces the risk of cross-regeneration, improving water quality and rinse time whether it is used in internally or externally regenerated mixed bed systems.

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Used In:

  • Nuclear power, regenerable condensate polishing
  • Fossil power condensate polishing
  • Mixed bed polishing of demineralized water


  • Enhanced separation in mixed beds
  • Low pressure drop


  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • North America