Dow's DOWANOL™ product line provides hydrophilic glycol ethers used in a broad range of applications, including coatings, cleaners, and printing inks.

DOWANOL™ PPh Glycol Ether

DOWANOL™ PPh is a slow evaporating, very hydrophobic glycol ether. With its aromatic structure, this product is an excellent match for phenolic coatings and linings; it is also an excellent coalescent for acrylic-based latexes. DOWANOL PPh also offers excellent performance benefits as a dye solubilizer and carrier in dyeing applications, and it has superior viscosity reduction properties in metalworking fluids.

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Used In:

  • Water-based architectural and industrial coatings
  • Textile dyesInks in ball point and felt tip pens, stamp pads, and textile printing pastes
  • Paint removers


  • Coalescing ability
  • Powerful solvency
  • High dilution ratio
  • Low evaporation rate
  • Low viscosity

Typical Properties

Molecular Weight:  152.2 (G/Mol)

Boiling Point:  469°F / 243°C (760 mmHg, 1.01 Bar)

Viscosity:  22.7 (Cp Or Mpa•S, 25°C)

Specific Heat:  2.18 (J/G/°C, 25°C)

Heat of Vaporization:  319 J/G (At Normal Boiling Point)

Solubility in Water:  G/100 G, 25°C

Flash Point Method:  239°F 115°C (Flash Point (Setaflash Closed Cup))

Freezing Point:  66°F / 19°C

Vapor Pressure:  0.01 mmHg 0.02 Mbar (20°C — Extrapolated)

Specific Gravity:  1.062 (25° C)

Density:  8.87 Lb/Gal, 1.063 g/cm³ (20°C) 8.83 Lb/Gal, 1.059 g/cm³ (25°C)

Auto-Ignition Temperature:  923°F, 495°C


  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • North America