AMBERJET™ Ion Exchange Resins

AMBERJET™ Ion Exchange Resins with uniform particle size beads provide improved performance over standard-grade resins with Gaussian particle size distribution. They are available in a wide range of chemical compositions and polymer structures and are ideal for use in industrial water demineralization systems including both co-flow and counter-current-flow regenerations systems, AMBERPACK™ and UPCORE™ Packed Bed Systems, and mixed beds.


AMBERJET™ 2000 H Ion Exchange Resin is a uniform particle size, macroporous, strong acid cation exchange resin designed for power generation condensate polishing systems. AMBEJET 2000 H resin exhibits an increase in sodium selectivity in the presence of organic amines, making it especially useful for condensate purification in systems that use morpholine or ethanolamine (ETA) for pH control. AMBERJET 2000 H resin can operate reliably under the high flow rate and pressure drop conditions that are typically used in condensate polishers. The particle size and uniformity of the resin allow for excellent backwash separation when used in mixed beds. The highy crosslinked macroporous resin structure give AMBERJET 2000 H resin exceptional resistance to physical, osmotic and oxidative stresses. This allows for maximum useful life of the cation resin, while minimizing the release of organic sulfonate leachables. The high oxidative stability and low leachables of AMBERJET 2000 H resin also help to preserve the kinetic response of the anion exchange resin in a mixed bed polisher.

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Used In:

  • Power generation condensate polishing systems using alternative amine chemistry
  • Condensate polishing systems where superior oxidative stability is required


  • High physical stability
  • Highest oxidative stability
  • Excellent separation


  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • North America