DOW™ XUS and XZ Experimental or Developmental Products

DOW™ XUS and XZ Experimental or Developmental Products have emerged from Dow's latest research efforts. NOTICE: If products are described as “experimental” or “developmental”: 1) product specifications may not be fully determined; 2) analysis of hazards and caution in handling and use are required; 3) there is greater potential for Dow to change specifications and/or discontinue production; and 4) although Dow may from time to time provide samples of such products, Dow is not obligated to supply or otherwise commercialize such products for any use or application whatsoever.

DOW™ XUS 43578.00

DOW™ XUS 43578.00 Developmental Chelating Resin is designed for scavenging metals in mining applications. It has a high selectivity for copper and can be used in the hydrometalurgical production of copper, nickel, and cobalt.

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Used In:

  • Copper production and recovery
  • Nickel recovery
  • Cobalt recovery


  • High selectivity
  • Good elution characteristics
  • High physical strength


  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • North America