DOW FILMTEC™ Specialty 8" Elements

DOW FILMTEC™ Specialty 8" Elements have been developed through industry-leading research to meet special application requirements such as ultrapure water for the fabrication of microelectronics, the removal of sulfate from injection water on offshore oil platforms, heat-sanitizable products for use in medical applications, and the concentration of maple sap.


DOW FILMTEC™ NF245-390-FF Elements can be used by food and dairy processors for a variety of desalting, purification, and other separations. This element contains an improved nanofiltration membrane sheet that rejects organics with a molecular weight above 300 amu, while passing a variable degree of monovalent salts depending upon the composition of the process stream. The full-fit configuration is optimal for cleaning and minimizing "dead spaces. " All materials of construction are compliant with U. S. Food & Drug Administration indirect food contact requirements and are suitable for use in food processing applications.

Used In:

  • Medical applications
  • Sanitary uses


  • High flux rates
  • Full-fit design
  • Consistent quality from automated rolling