CARBITOL™ Solvent are solvents that provide a good balance of volatility, solvency and water solubility for such applications as coatings and printing inks.


Butyl CARBITOL™ is a slow-evaporating, hydrophilic glycol ether with excellent coalescing and coupling power that can be combined with Butyl CELLOSOLVE™ glycol ether to lower the evaporation rate and increase the hydrophobicity.

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Used In:

  • Water-based architectural and industrial coatings
  • Household and industrial cleaners, rust removers, hard surface cleaners, and disinfectants
  • Solvent-based silk screen printing inks
  • Water-based printing inks
  • Textile dyeing and printing


  • Powerful solvency
  • Excellent coalescing ability
  • High dilution ratio
  • Outstanding coupling power
  • Low evaporation rate

Typical Properties

Molecular Weight:  162.2 (G/Mol)

Boiling Point:  230°C (760 mmHg, 1.01 Bar)

Flash Point:  99°C

Vapor Pressure:  0.03 mmHg, 0.04 Mbar

Density:  0.952 g/cm3 ,0.948 g/cm³ (20° C, 25° C)

Viscosity:  4.9 (Cp Or Mpa•S, 25°C))

Specific Heat:  2.26 (J/G/°C, 25°C)

Heat of Vaporization:  275 J/G (At Normal Boiling Point)

Heat of Combustion:  28.7 (Net Heat Of Combustion (Kj/G) — Predicted At 25°C)


  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • North America