ACCUTRACE™ fuel markers empower governments to fight tax evasion

In many countries, governments offer lower tax rates or rebates for the use of fuel in protected essential uses, such as agriculture, heating, and construction. To prevent criminals from illegally reallocating these fuels for automotive use, a crime which may cost governments billions of dollars annually, special marking dyes are placed into fuels based on their intended use. Unfortunately, criminals have developed several methods for removing these dyes, illicit practices known collectively as fuel laundering, and can cause extensive equipment and environmental damage in the process.

To empower governments in fighting back, Dow developed ACCUTRACE™ fuel markers. Third-party analyses by government laboratories have affirmed this innovative authentication technology significantly increases resistance to known laundering techniques, and authorities have begun to adopt ACCUTRACE fuel markers as their preferred choice for fuel identification.

Key Benefits:


"The new marker is extremely effective in catching vehicles that were using laundered diesel. Even in cases where the old marker has been laundered out, the new marker shows quite clearly. The good news of that is that it means that we are likely to see a reduction in diesel laundering, with all the effects on public health and pollution associated with it."

-David Ford, Justice Minister