Insulated Garage Doors for Commercial and Residential

A Full Portfolio of Insulated Garage Door Solutions from a Supplier You Can Trust

Whether you use a lamination or pour-in-place process to insulate your garage doors, Dow has a quality insulation solution that will help you deliver years of high performance to your customers for both commercial and residential applications. For lamination processes, Dow offers STYROFOAM Brand Extruded Polystyrene Insulation combined with MOR-AD Laminating Adhesives, which are specially formulated to be compatible with STYROFOAM. For pour-in-place processes, we offer customizable VORACOR Polyurethane Systems to meet your specific needs, without the need of adhesives.

Lamination Process

Lamination Process Graphic

1. STYROFOAM Brand Insulation
2. MOR-AD Laminating Adhesive
3. Metal skin

Dow combines the compressive strength and moisture resistance of STYROFOAM Brand XPS Insulation and the adhesion power of MOR-AD Laminating Adhesive technology for high structural and thermal performance.

Pour-In-Place Process

VORACOR Illustration Graphic

1. VORACOR Polyurethane Systems
2. Structural panel

The VORACOR Polyurethane System offers great adhesion through pour-in-place or spray processes.