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Stains that look good and last longer

Developing architectural deck stains that are easy to apply, look good and stand up to the harsh elements – all the while meeting challenging VOC requirements – is one of the tougher things for a formulator to do. Whether a solid color stain, a semitransparent stain or a clear sealer, RHOPLEX™ acrylic binders can be formulated for the best-in-class deck stain attributes including:

  • Good adhesion to new, weathered or previously coated wood substrates, as well as some of the latest composite materials
  • Improved early water resistance and excellent water-whitening resistance
  • Superior application and lapping properties
  • Excellent color and tint retention, even under the toughest UV conditions
  • Great abrasion and wear resistance
  • Unique erosion mechanisms to minimize unsightly flaking and peeling failures
  • Proven exterior durability and long-term performance based on years of field testing
  • Ability to formulate across a range of sheens from flat to semi-gloss
  • Ability to get to solvent-like performance but in a low-VOC solution