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Choosing a Coolant Concentration

Your Coolant Concentration Can Help Optimize Performance.

Selecting the correct coolant concentration can be challenging. To help reduce confusion, we’ve prepared simple guidelines for NORKOOL™ and AMBITROL™ Industrial Coolants.

Minimum and maximum concentration
NORKOOL and AMBITROL have established minimum and maximum concentrations to help optimize performance.

Minimum concentration is important to reduce biological contamination, which can be very difficult to remove once introduced. Low concentrations can additionally dilute corrosion inhibitors and limit adequate protection of steel surfaces. At the same time, high coolant concentration can increase viscosity and lead to lower heat transfer efficiency and freeze protection.
To avoid these challenges, Dow recommends a minimum concentration of 30% and maximum concentration of 50% when using NORKOOL and AMBITROL.

Concentration by geography
Glycol concentration is largely dependent on geography. For example, lower concentrations are possible in warmer climates since less freeze protection is needed. The ideal concentration is as lean as local climate will permit, while within recommended concentration levels from the manufacturer.

Contact us for help to select the proper concentration based on your system and to learn more about our products.


Recommended NORKOOL and AMBITROL Concentration

Canada and Northern U.S.


Midwest U.S.


Southern U.S.




Gas compressor station

NORKOOL™ Industrial Coolants Overview

Outlines product features, applications and guidance for maintenance and testing.