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Cree Solution Provider Program

Dow and the Cree Solution Provider Program

With seventy years of proven expertise developing silicone solutions for cutting-edge electronics, Dow offers today's LED industry unmatched experience and know-how in next-generation application development. With Dow as your collaborator, you can rely on our ongoing technical support, as well as the expertise of Dow’s advanced Electronics Application and Packaging Centers.

Yet, we set the bar even higher for collaborative innovation: Our LED lamp and luminaries customers also gain the support of industry leaders. Dow is a part of the Cree Solution Provider Program. The Cree Solution Provider Program (CSP) helps lighting manufacturers find complementary components from third-party manufacturers who work with Cree™ LED products. This helps lighting manufacturers with their LED lighting needs and enables a shorter design cycle to get products to market faster.

Dow’s unique advantage is our ability to support our customers across the complete LED lighting value chain, from the manufacturing of LEDs and moldable optical silicones for secondary optics applications, to the final assembly and protection of LED Lighting. Cree has recognized the quality, performance and innovation of our materials through all of these stages.

Materials from Dow certified by the Cree Solution Provider Program

Thermal interface materials

  • DOWSIL™ TC-4015 Dispensable Thermal Pad
  • DOWSIL™ TC-4025 Printable Pad
  • DOWSIL™ TC-5625 Thermally Conductive Grease
  • DOWSIL™ TC-5121 Thermally Conductive Grease
  • DOWSIL™ TC-5351 Thermally Conductive Grease
  • DOWSIL™ TC-5080 Thermal Grease
  • DOWSIL™ TC-5622 Thermally Conductive Grease**

Adhesives for environment seals

  • DOWSIL™ SE 1720 Adhesive
  • DOWSIL™ SE 9120 Adhesive
  • DOWSIL™ EA 2900 Adhesive
  • DOWSIL™ SE 1700 Adhesive
  • DOWSIL™ EA 2626 Adhesive**
  • DOWSIL™ 744 RTV Adhesive Sealant
  • DOWSIL™ EA-4600 HM RTV
  • DOWSIL™ 832 Multi-Surface Adhesive Sealant

Thermally conductive adhesives for assembly and heat control

  • DOWSIL™ SE 4485 Thermally Conductive Adhesive
  • DOWSIL™ SE 4486 Thermally Conductive Adhesive
  • DOWSIL™ SE 9184 White RTV
  • DOWSIL™ EA-9189 H White

Conformal coatings

  • DOWSIL™ 1-2577 Conformal Coating
  • DOWSIL™ 1-2577 Low VOC Conformal Coating
  • DOWSIL™ 1-2620 Low-VOC Conformal Coating
  • DOWSIL™ 1-4105 Conformal Coating
  • DOWSIL™ 3-1953 Conformal Coating
  • DOWSIL™ 3-1944 RTV Coating

Secondary optics (Lenses)

  • DOWSIL™ MS-1001 Moldable Silicone
  • DOWSIL™ MS-1002 Moldable Silicone
  • DOWSIL™ MS-1003 Moldable Silicone
  • DOWSIL™ MS-2002 Moldable Silicone

Sealing gasket

  • DOWSIL™ 3-8259 RF Silicone Foam

Thermally conductive encapsulants for power components

  • DOWSIL™ CN-8760 Thermally Conductive Encapsulant

**According to Dow internal testing these materials are compatible with CREE XP-E in proximity testing only

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