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Bedding and Furniture

Get comfortable

Comfort, long-lasting durability and convenient care. Consumers want home furnishings that look good, feel good and hold up to the stresses of everyday life.

Polyurethanes and additives from Dow help you manufacture foam with tailored performance, improved productivity, sustainability and maximum comfort, including:

  • High-resilience foams for support and durability
  • Viscoelastic foams for comfort and touch
  • High-load-bearing foams for greater firmness
  • High-performance foams for reduced odor and emissions

With flexible foam products for mattresses, pillows, furniture cushions, office chairs and more, we make comfort a science. By configuring these “three dimensions of comfort” in different ways, we can help you customize your foam solutions through:

  • Ergonomics – optimizing the relationship between the material and the weight, shape and size of the human body to create a supportive, high-performing system
  • Microclimate – maintaining comfortable levels of temperature and humidity in the microclimate that exists between the material and the body
  • Sensation – understanding a material’s textural qualities and its response to light touch, in order to deliver a tangible sensation of well-being

Balance the critical factors of performance, economics and environmental impact to produce differentiated foam that will meet or exceed your customers’ expectations.

Sleep Cool and Comfortable with VORA Zzz™

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Introducing comfortscience
The application of science to create materials which deliver the most comfortable experience possible.