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Design with Inspiration

Shape the future of smart building design with silicone

Design with inspiration to shape the smart buildings of tomorrow. If you’re looking to enhance building aesthetics, occupant comfort, thermal performance and energy efficiency of your building designs, our dynamic glass solutions, innovative LED materials for expressive lighting, and crystal-clear structural bonding sealants can help.

Silicon-based innovations inspire smart-building design

High Performance Building Solutions from Dow can develop the needed technologies to inspire design for smart buildings of the future:

  • Dynamic glass solutions with adjustable optical/solar characteristics for privacy glass and enhanced energy savings. 
  • Silicon-based materials for next-generation exterior and interior lighting that provide opportunities for added safety/security, comfort, reliability, light output, energy savings and expressive design.

Switch on new approaches to facility lighting

Inside and out, smart lighting makes a difference for today's high-performance buildings. From façades and entryways to hallways and office areas, effective lighting solutions can make a bright design statement and workplace comfort commitment. Silicone and silicon-based materials from Dow for next-generation interior and exterior building lighting can help you spur new possibilities in long-lasting reliability, light output, energy savings and expressive design.


Intelligent glazing

Switchable privacy glass and energy-efficient smart glazing solutions are based on siloxane-enabled liquid crystal technology and change their optical or solar control characteristics – switch from clear to translucent – in response to signals from an electronic driver. There are no exterior mechanical parts to maintain or risk being damaged by severe weather conditions.

Dow’s intelligent glass technology is highly controllable unlike static solar control glazing (such as low-E glass) and reactive thermochromic or photochromic glazing. It has the potential to be:

  • Integrated into computerized building management systems
  • Programmed to deliver tailored responses based on combinations of factors, including room occupancy, solar intensity and climatic conditions

Compared with other smart glass technologies, this solution from Dow:

  • Is low haze when clear–a significant breakthrough in optical quality
  • Changes states quickly–in a matter of seconds
  • Draws power only for the instant it takes to change from one state to another, for greater energy efficiency 

If you’re interested in switchable glazing technologies, connect with us to learn how it works and what it can be programmed to do for you.

Smart Window Technology & Switchable/ Dynamic Glass Solutions

Smart Window Technology offers exceptional design possibilities with countless applications to make life better.

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