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EPITEX™ 66 Cost-to-Treat Calculator

EPITEX 66 Polymer provides outstanding water resistance, improved feel on skin and ease of processing in a variety of formulation types, including O/W, W/O and W/S formulations.
It is compatible with other typical sunscreen ingredients, and suitable for use in creams, lotions and pump sprays.


Choose your current water resistant polymer:

Please write your current water resistant polymer.

Indicate your % use level of water resistant polymer as supplied.
Example: For 3.5%, enter 3.5

Insert your cost per Kg of water resistant polymers in USD.
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Insert the number of Kg of sunscreen made per annum
containing the water resistant polymer detailed above.

Annual cost of water resistant polymer:


EPITEX™ 66 Polymer proposed % use level.

Select your region:

Annual cost of EPITEX™ 66 Polymer:


Annual cost savings for use of EPITEX™ 66 Polymer:


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The results provided by this calculator are provided in good faith, but should be used for estimating purposes only.
As pricing is determined by various factors, please contact your local Dow Personal Care account representative to discuss pricing based on your specific location and formulation needs.