Dow Elastomers and Dow Corning Jointly Showcase a Broad Portfolio of Photovoltaic Solutions at SNEC

SHANGHAI, China - April 13, 2018 -

The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW), an industry leader in materials-science based solutions for a variety of markets, is exhibiting at SNEC International Photovoltaic Power Generation Conference & Exhibition in Shanghai, from April 19 – 21. Held annually, it is the largest photovoltaic (PV) tradeshow globally. Dow Elastomers and Dow Corning are coming together for the first time to jointly exhibit at Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) in Hall W4, Booth 550.

“With an impressive 69GW of solar power installation predicted for 2017, which is expected to grow to an estimated 109GW installed in 20211, it is clear that the solar power industry will continue to be a vital part of the planet’s renewable energy future,” said Andrew Yen, marketing manager, Dow Elastomers, Asia Pacific. “Dow Elastomers is committed to this industry, and together with Dow Corning, our combined portfolio of material-science based innovations will enhance the performance of PV components, providing more reliable and increased power generation, which is essential to this dynamic market.”

Solutions from Dow Elastomers

Dow Elastomers supplies ENGAGE™ PV polyolefin elastomers to manufacturers of PV module encapsulant film. PV modules that utilize POE-based film demonstrate longer energy production life and better durability.

PV modules made with ENGAGE™ PV POE-based encapsulant films provide:

  • Increased power generation, electrical efficiency, reliability, and extended life of the PV module
  • Improved Potential Induced Degradation (PID) resistance, reducing premature module failure and replacement
  • Lower Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) and better project economics  for solar developers
  • Better long-term weathering performance that enables better durability and power output for the life of the module
  • Lower Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR) / moisture resistance  eliminating the corrosion problems associated with the use of EVA encapsulants

ENGAGETM  PV POE is an exceptional choice for use in all types of PV modules, including more demanding N-type cells, glass/glass, high power and bifacial PV modules.

Solutions from Dow Corning

Solar micro-inverters, power optimizers and other high-value electronics need a level of protection to ensure longer lifecycles in outdoor environments. Dow Corning, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company, provides several high-performing, silicone-based coatings, encapsulants, adhesives and gels for these important components of a solar power system.

Advanced silicone solar solutions from Dow Corning are used in a variety of highly-sensitive electronic components of solar power systems to add durability, enhance mechanical strength and prevent corrosion due to moisture incursion from harsh outdoor environments.

Dow Corning’s thermal management solution has been widely used in Telecom and Transportation Electronics and has been proven to be of good stability in harsh environment with effective heat dissipation to ensure the long life cycle of the devices.

In addition, Dow Industrial Solutions, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company, will also highlight their solutions at SNEC. Dow Industrial Solutions supports polysilicon, wafer cutting coolant and conductive paste producers with a broad portfolio of products along with expertise in minimizing friction & heat management, managing oil and water interface and facilitating dissolvability.

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