Dow-Hosted Innovation Day Addresses Issues Affecting the Wireless World

MIDLAND, Michigan - December 09, 2016 -

The telecommunications industry is constantly evolving. New technologies and systems emerge with unparalleled frequency. Constant innovation – both proactive and reactive – is essential to meet the needs of a data-hungry population. With that in mind, identifying and resolving unmet needs is crucial to keep the industry thriving.

Dow Electrical & Telecommunications (E&T), a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company, understands that listening to the customer is what helps drive innovation. This kind of thinking recently resulted in Dow E&T hosting a Telecommunications Cable Innovation Day that gathered representatives of the telecommunications value chain comprising materials suppliers, cable makers, installers and network providers. There is a lot of wire in the wireless world, and the importance of quality wires and cables cannot be overlooked and was the primary emphasis of this gathering of experts and influencers.

The event included one-on-one sessions with each value-chain participant and considered their organizations' interaction with cable at every step from purchasing through installation and service callbacks. Focus areas of each session considered top-of-mind issues surrounding cable and cable material selection that included:

  • Manufacturing and procurement lead times
  • Cost
  • System design
  • Transit
  • Job-site staging
  • Issues specific to indoor and outdoor installation
  • Potential failure points shortly after installation
  • Long-term service callbacks

The feedback from these sessions helped establish the percent of issues at each phase of interaction with data cables. Identifying the issues was just the first step. The challenge was then to look at causes of each issue during the interaction cycle and determine the unmet need that could resolve those challenges.

The overall goal was to turn these challenges into opportunities for innovation that benefit the entire telecommunications value chain and its customers – consumers of information and data. To that end, the session continued with a panel discussion that created a collaborative environment where issues could be openly discussed. The intent was to create a dialogue around the future of America's telecommunications network infrastructure and the kinds of relationships and joint development projects that might be possible to result in the most value for all stakeholders.

At the end of the day, the voice of the customer is absolutely vital to drive innovation. They are the best positioned through day-to-day experiences within the entire value chain, to clearly identify and articulate issues that facilitate or hinder success. Listening to the customer, understanding their needs and then delivering viable solutions, is what will continue to advance the telecommunications industry for decades to come.

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