in-cosmetics 2019: Dow Unveils TrendsLab 2019 for Inspirations to "Engage and Embrace", Launches Hair Health Program Focused on Urban Lifestyles

PARIS – April 1, 2019 – At this year's in-cosmetics in Paris, April 2-4, Dow presents a full suite of formulation concepts on hair health and the latest edition of its thought-leading TrendsLab program at booth K80. At the show Dow is also introducing DOWSIL™ 3903 Liquid Satin Blend, complementing an innovation lineup of ingredients with unique benefits and sensorial differentials.

Formulation focus: hair care for urban environments

Hair health solutions are on the rise with a fast-growing urban consumer base around the globe. Building on extensive in-house R&D, Dow is presenting effective solutions that mitigate the negative impacts of pollution on hair health and aesthetics.

"We set out to develop new formulations that tackle urban pollution damage with science and innovation," said Sandro Sato, Regional Marketing Manager Personal Care. The well-founded formulation guides cover solutions for treating hair exposed to pollutants while also delivering conditioning benefits.

TrendsLab 2019: "Engage and Embrace"

This year's TrendsLab features a collection of ready to use formulations aligned to the latest global beauty trends, developed by Dow's personal care experts around the globe. "TrendsLab offers brand strategists and formulation specialists a timely overview of emerging or otherwise noteworthy patterns in consumer preference," commented Fabienne Bizeray, Dow's Global Strategic Marketing manager Skin & Sun Care. "Beyond being a rich trove of innovative formulation ideas, TrendsLab creates tremendous 'value by inspiration' whenever our experts collaborate with developers and marketers to add value to consumer life."

With a particular focus on skin and hair care, TrendsLab 2019 comprises four themes:

  • Glamorous: Thinking beyond sunglasses and other accessories, what embodies and expresses glamor in cosmetics and body care? Dow's formulations satisfy the desire for the exceptional, glamorous, assertive femininity.
  • Inclusive Beauty: In diversity lies beauty. Embracing all facets offered by the expression and discovery of beauty, Dow has created a collection of formulations that celebrate diversity.
  • Care: People crave experiences full of meaning, rich sensations, and deep connections to the environment. These responsible formulations from Dow help brands and consumers make a positive difference for people and planet.
  • Customization: Celebrating individuality with precisely tailored beauty is a challenge. Inspiring formulations from Dow let brands rise to the challenge and promise the luxury of having something made 'just for us'. An interactive app included in the TrendsLab kit showcases effective approaches to enable customization in personal care. DOWSIL™ 3903 Liquid Satin Blend: differentiate through sensory and texture

Neuroscientific research shows that sensory and textural qualities are playing an increasingly decisive role in consumers' purchasing choices. Sensory and texture can be important triggers of repeat purchases, contribute to brand loyalty, and even become 'signature' qualities of product lines.

The newly launched DOWSIL™ 3903 Liquid Satin Blend is an easy to formulate highly efficient sensory enhancer. It displays a unique rheology and playful stringiness with a smooth, silky-light in-use experience. By delivering exceptional lubricity and a satin feel that is unique and clearly discernible, it allows formulators to differentiate their products from competitors formulated with conventional additives that can only provide 'well-known' sensory and texture.

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