Dow’s Enhanced Expanded Polyethylene Foam Wins 2017 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards

Shanghai, China - March 09, 2017 -

Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics (P&SP), a business unit of Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW), has won the prestigious Ringier Technology Innovation Awards – Plastics Industry 2017 for its patented Enhanced Expanded Polyethylene (EPE) foam. The award celebrates innovation and excellence that deliver superior customer experience in a consumer-friendly and environmentally sustainable manner.

As a global leader in packaging materials, Dow is committed to supporting the burgeoning e-commerce sector, particularly for the vibrant China market. Based on intensive research and development, the company has developed a range of high-performance superior-quality packaging solutions to meet the needs of this exciting market. Dow’s innovative EPE technology is the perfect example of a tailored solution from a global leader who has deep understanding of the market and the customers.

“Dow’s Enhanced Expanded Polyethylene (EPE) technology is an innovative solution that responds to the market’s expectations and sets a new benchmark for the industry. This new solution delivers outstanding performance, customizable attribute, and applicability characteristics to significantly improve product safety and delivery convenience of e-commerce goods,” the Ringier Technology Award committee said in its citation, “This translates into a significant reduction of logistics-related losses while contributing to more sustainable manufacturing practices. The committee recommended Dow to be the recipient of Ringier Technology Innovation Award as Dow has evidently set the bar higher within the packaging industry.”

The innovative EPE solution and state-of-the-art LDPE/LLDPE technology significantly reduces consumption of raw materials for unit packaging by 10-15%, and reduces the thickness and weight of packaging materials. It also cuts down material and transportation costs, and benefits the environment by lowering energy consumption.

The enhanced EPE solution reduces the number of required layers in packaging from five-six to three-four. It delivers 20% greater strength and almost twice the tear strength compared to standard EPE resin. It is even suitable for packaging objects such as jackfruit or durian; and likewise for delicate, hygienic accessories like babies’ products and play mats.

Dow’s new advanced EPE solution has been a key project developed by Pack Studios Shanghai, as part of its efforts to leverage the best expertise in packaging materials and equipment, to rapidly commercialize new, improved and sustainable solutions.

“Dow’s quest for innovation keeps pace with the growth and emerging needs of the packaging industry in China with a longstanding commitment to working with market players in the value chain”, said Mark Saurin, Commercial Vice President for Dow Packaging & Specialty Plastic in Asia Pacific, “As we continue to develop more innovative solutions in collaboration with industry partners, the entire industry is set to benefit from enhanced competiveness and improved performance. Our efforts to develop smarter, high-performance, environment-friendly packaging solutions will focus on reducing waste, minimizing costs and delivering a superior proposition for the customers.”

Dow’s award-winning logistics e-commerce packaging solutions will be showcased at Chinaplas 2017, Asia's largest plastics and rubber exhibition at the China Import & Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China, from May 16 to 19, 2017. The Dow booth will be located at 10.2G41 (Hall 10.2).

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