Dow Research Wins 2016 American Coatings AWARD

Midland, Michigan - March 02, 2016

In 2013, America’s infrastructure GPA was listed as a D+ and it was estimated that $3.6 trillion would be needed by 2020 for road, bridge and pipe infrastructure repairs.Dow Polyurethanes is using science and technology to provide two innovative solutions to fill gaps in Markets and Applications. Concrete formulators now have new long-lasting, durable binder and sealant options for road, bridge and pipe construction to aid in the infrastructure’s road to recovery.

“Numerous advantages were combined when creating these products, which provides customers with flexibility in their product formulations,” stated Chris Chrisafides (@CChrisafides), commercial vice president, Dow Polyurethanes. “The multi-faceted benefits of these products offer the coatings and construction industries high- performance and improved solutions to make our roads and bridges safe and sound.”

Polyurethanes technology is well established in industrial and infrastructure markets due to its workability, flexibility, mechanical properties and good adhesion to a variety of substrates. Polymer concrete, a composite that uses polyurethane resin to bind material aggregates such as stone or sand, is becoming an increasingly popular choice in a range of applications, including roads, bridges, tunnels and parking structures.

Dow’s HYPERLAST™ LU1011/HYPERLAST LP 5046 Polyurethane Binder System is designed as a tough and durable alternative to cementitious concrete with a rapid return to service time. While enhancing polymer concrete durability, flexibility and impact resistance, and enabling greater structural integrity in a variety of applications, this system provides a solution for all seasons due to its elastomeric polymer composition. This enables resistance to chipping and cracking caused by recurring impacts and temperature expansion and contraction.

Dow’s VORAMER™ MN 2314 Prepolymer provides a low viscosity, base resin for sealants requiring good joint mobility and excellent adhesion to concrete. This partially-formulated prepolymer is compatible with traditional additives used to create one-component sealants providing formulators with the flexibility to create an adhesive or sealant to ensure lasting preservation to roads and bridges. Polyurethane sealants formulated with VORAMER MN 2314 Prepolymer can create application efficiencies since it enables sealants to be applied directly over a variety of existing materials. This eliminates extra work and time associated with stripping off old coating during the repair process when compared to incumbent products.

Both HYPERLAST LU 1011/LP 5046 and VORAMER MN 2314 provide desirable processing and reactivity for use in moisture-cure systems because of a low viscosity composition.

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