Cooper Standard, Dow and S.A.Y. Detroit Open After-School Science Center

Detroit, MI - February 09, 2016 -

Working together to inspire and excite students about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and science careers, The Cooper Standard Foundation and The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW) are pleased to announce the opening of an interactive science center called Science in the DEEP at the S.A.Y. Detroit Play Center.

S.A.Y. Detroit is a charity founded by Detroit journalist and author Mitch Albom and is aimed at improving the lives of the city’s neediest citizens through shelter, food, medical care, volunteer efforts and education. In October 2015, S.A.Y Detroit opened an academic and sport Play Center with a key goal to increase educational performance, attendance and graduation rates by offering sports and arts as a reward for study.

“The 8,000 sq. ft. learning and tutoring center is the heart of the S.A.Y. Detroit facility,” Albom said. “This is where students will be encouraged to make education a priority in their lives. The contribution from Dow and The Cooper Standard Foundation to create the state-of-the-art Science in the DEEP center will make science come to life through computers provided by the companies and STEM programs facilitated by their employees. This will help these young people understand and be better prepared for valuable career paths.”

Cooper Standard and Dow will staff the center with trained employee STEM volunteers who will offer tutoring, science demonstrations and career information. Dow launched its Dow STEM Ambassadors program in 2014 and Cooper Standard launched its STEM Accelerator program in 2015. The programs provide the basis for volunteer training and educational STEM materials, while inspiring students with real life innovations, making challenging concepts easier to understand and sharing exciting job opportunities available through the pursuit of STEM education.

“Cooper Standard is pleased to again join Mitch Albom in his latest effort to improve the lives of Detroit area youth. We are also very happy to continue collaborating with our business partner Dow to introduce science and technology to this group of students,” said Keith Stephenson, chief operating officer, Cooper Standard.

“Educating and empowering our youth is fundamental to the long-term success and sustainability of our communities,” said Greg Jozwiak business president, Dow’s Elastomers and Electrical and Telecommunications. “This center will engage students with hands-on STEM activities that foster a continued passion for the sciences and the pursuit of these promising career fields. We are proud to continue to work with Cooper Standard and Mitch Albom to deliver lasting impact in Detroit and throughout the state of Michigan.”

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