Delicate Petals of DuPont™ Surlyn® on Muse Perfume Cap

According to Oriflame, the natural Swedish cosmetics major, its fragrance Muse (available as an Eau de Toilette in bottles of 50 ml) conjures images of a meadow of deliciously fragrant flowers, swaying in the breeze and dreams dance on shimmering sunrays. Violet flower, one of the key notes of the fragrance, is also reflected by the exquisite bottle, shaped like a stem, and a flower-shaped perfume cap, molded from  DuPont™ Surlyn®, with petals in full bloom.

By achieving such a complex shape as a single, injection-molded part, the molder Aarts Plastics (Waalwijk, the Netherlands Booth VA11 ), delivers the full aesthetic potential of the material. The intricate design of the petals, consisting of numerous thin- and thick-walled sections, are faithfully reproduced in Surlyn®, while the material's compatibility with coloring using masterbatch ensures close compliance with other elements of the perfume's packaging.

Further aesthetic attributes of Surlyn® leading to its specification for the perfume cap include its glass-like transparency, without the weight and fragility of glass, and the material's warm and sensual touch. On a more practical level, functional benefits of the material include toughness, absence of chipping and breaking and good chemical resistance.