Perfume Brand Elegance is Reflected in a New, Jewel-Like Molded Cap for Boucheron

Boucheron gives its premium B de Boucheron Eau de Parfum a gem of a package design.

Crystal, gold and emerald notes converge in an elegant new molded cap design using DuPont™ Surlyn®.

Boucheron celebrated its 20th anniversary as a perfume brand and its 150th anniversary as a jewelry brand by giving its new “B de Boucheron” Eau de Parfum package a sparkling, jewel-like highlight in the form of an exquisite new molded cap. Avoiding the look of traditional plastics, Boucheron envisioned and designed an expressive new molded cap reflecting the sophisticated combination of notes in fragrance design. With a jeweler’s eye for detail, the design evokes a large emerald, mounted in gold. The visual aesthetic finishes with a top note of diamond-like sparkle and radiance, created in crystal-clear Surlyn® resin.

The elegant cap is a four-part assembly, with extra care given by Jackel Cosmetics (a li & Fung company) to assure surface smoothness and clarity of the outermost form, crafted in Surlyn®. Its smoothness and clarity in a thick-walled design are achieved through technical molding precision and special attention to part cooling.

Surlyn® resins are a leading choice for glass-like clarity in a lighter-weight, precision moldable material that resists exposure to essential oils and other fragrance ingredients.