Grandiôse Elegance of Mascara Wand made with DuPont™ Surlyn®

Geneva, October 2014 – With Grandiôse, Lancôme reinvents mascara and unveils a new application technique to rapidly create an evenly deployed and intensified fringe of lashes.

For the first time, the “Swan-Neck™" mascara wand, which was the subject of a successful patent application by Lancôme, allows to make up the lashes from the root and to perfectly deploy them from one corner of the eye to the other. For the tip of the wand, the famous brand used DuPont™ Surlyn® resin."It was the only material that could perform technically and aesthetically to the specific needs of the brand" says François Martin, Make-up Packaging Manager for L’OREAL Luxe. Indeed, the Lancôme rose with petals in suspension had to flourish in a perfectly transparent component while lining up perfectly with the mascara wand. DuPont and MBF Plastiques have risen to the challenge through innovative encapsulation technology with Surlyn®.

MBF Plastiques who is very experienced in complex projects, carried out impressive work on the different injection stages in order to obtain a remarkably transparent piece, without a visible molding line and with a perfectly centered rose after molding. “We carried out a triple-injection with a rotating multi-print mould for the rose and the first layer of Surlyn®. The conception of the outer-skin allows for the first component to be injected at low pressure” explains Eric Jaquin, Project Manager at MBF Plastiques.

The rheological properties of Surlyn® and the relatively low injection temperature, unlike other thermoplastics, allows a Surlyn® skin to develop that will coat the decor without degrading or displacing it. The design of the rose was also reworked it could have the desired optical effects. “The rose has retained the fine detail and suffered no deformation. On the contrary it is sublimated by the moulding” explains Eric Jaquin. Before concluding "this project has been a great adventure with the L’OREAL teams. We have achieved something unique that needed to be industrialized in a very short time frame respecting L’OREAL’s initial project in all aspects. Our know-how and the invaluable assistance of DuPont have enabled us to attain the desired result, a uniquely designed mascara”.