Heavy Duty Sacks

Heavy Duty Sacks

Heavy duty sacks are typically designed to contain more than 40 pounds of flowable or granular goods (polymer resins, solid chemicals, cement, animal feed, rice, etc.)

Across the range of industrial sack applications, Dow resins offer moisture barrier, puncture strength, tear resistance, and other desirable properties which are difficult to achieve with alternative solutions such as paper.

Dow Puts the “Heavy Duty” in Heavy Duty Sacks

Whether producing open-mouthed sacks, valve sacks, or form-fill-seal (FFS) film, converters appreciate the advantages provided by Dow resins.

For example, Dow’s DOWLEX PE Resins and ELITE™ Enhanced Polyethylene (EPE) Resins offer excellent puncture/ tear resistance and excellent sealing performance.

Dow resins are available in a range of densities to offer an excellent balance between stiffness/ yield strength and mechanical performance, allowing for significant film downgauging opportunities.


Heavy Duty Sacks from Dow Packaging are used in the following specialty markets.