Materials for Plastic Crates

Dow’s Plastic Crate Solutions Ensure Products are Handled with Care

Material Handling
Material handling has a huge potential growth opportunity for plastics, particularly in plastic pallets and novel logistic situations. Dow’s high density polyethylene (HDPE) resins are designed to provide the top load strength, low temperature impact resistance, rigidity, durability and surface aesthetics demanded by today’s material handling applications. These cost-efficient, recyclable resins from Dow also offer the uniform flow required to fill the large molds used for pallets, crates, collapsible totes and other bulk containers.

Industrial Containers
Typical applications of Dow polymers in the industrial container segment include injection and blow molded containers for food, chemicals, paints, pesticides and water-based products, as well as tight head pails. To meet the needs of these demanding applications, Dow’s product features include:

  • A proven portfolio of polyethylene with a tremendous range of performance options for material substitution or new applications
  • Advanced taste and odor testing capabilities – a major benefit for institutional food and beverage packagers