Medical Device & Equipment Packaging Market

DOW™ HEALTH+ polymers are part of a tailored solution that protects a wide range of devices and equipment.

Medical Device & Equipment Packaging Market

Dow resins play a crucial role in the safe packaging of medical devices and equipment. Product examples include:

  • Syringes
  • Labware 
  • Medical Diagnostics Equipment
  • Medical Gauze 
  • Vials
  • Bandages

Dow’s extremely pure polymers specially developed for the health care industry are designated as DOW™ HEALTH+. This exclusive line of polymers offers customers in the medical device and equipment industry important assurances: Quality, Compliance and Commitment.

Quality - HEALTH+ polymers that make up the packaging are manufactured under stringent specifications.

Regulatory Compliance - HEALTH+ polymers has been certified in accordance with requirements for medical device and equipment packaging.

Commitment - To maintain complete transparency, all HEALTH+ polymers include a Notification of Change in specifications, product composition, sourcing location, and discontinuation of product.

Device & Equipment Packaging Applications

Dow's Device & Equipment Packaging market features several specialty applications.