Dow’s pharmaceutical label adhesives provide the reassurance of high performance, low migration, long-term adhesion, and regulatory compliance.


Dow, the world’s largest producer of polyolefin elastomers (POEs), is committed to supplying the global Hot Melt Adhesives (HMA) industry with high-performing polymers for a variety of applications. Customers can tap into a broad product portfolio of POEs for diverse markets ranging from packaging, hygiene disposables and labels to bookbinding and woodworking applications. Dow invests close to feedstock availability and in strongly integrated production units, providing manufacturing efficiency and global as well as local supply.

With more than 40 years of industry experience and world-scale trains on three continents, Dow continues to invest strategically to help customers across the value chain respond to evolving market needs.

Dow introduces AFFINITY™ GP

Affinity GP logo

Dow is expanding its portfolio of POEs with the addition of a brand new product family, AFFINITY™ GP, now available to HMA formulators across the globe. By listening to the needs of the industry and building on the success of AFFINITY™ GA, Dow has introduced a new product family: AFFINITY™ GP. This family offers HMA formulators the ability to design cost effective adhesive solutions that deliver high performance for general purpose applications.

With AFFINITY™ GP, the entire HMA value chain will continue to experience the known benefits of AFFINITY™ GA in terms of processing and mileage.


Ease of manufacturing: fast set-up, broad temperature range, easy to process with less clogging and virtually char-and odor-free 
Cost efficiencies: high adhesive mileage, excellent processability for reduced maintenance and downtime to enable lower overall costs
Increased customer satisfaction: powerful bonds for durability, excellent color stability, enhanced sustainability
Compliance with global regulations: enabling technologies are complimentary to achieving stringent food safety and protection regulations
Increased sustainability: our polyolefin solutions are more sustainable compared to incumbent raw materials