Pharmaceutical Packaging Applications: Blister Packs

Blister Packs

Blister packs seem simple but have an important job to do. And when they’re made with DOW™ HEALTH+ resins they do that job with a high degree of purity and safety.

Blister packs made with DOW™ HEALTH+ resins offer a safe and effective method of distributing and dispensing pills.

Benefits of Blister Packs Formulated with DOW™ HEALTH+ Resins

  • Packaging is durable so that pills are protected during transportation and later as consumers carry the blister pack around.
  • Pills are protected from moisture, sunlight and oxygen. That helps to ensure a long shelf life in stores and in medicine cabinets.
  • Package and protective film work well together to create an excellent seal.
  • Visual assurance of protection and safety offers consumers “peace of mind.”