Meat & Seafood Packaging


The three primary concerns in meat packaging are freshness, safety and convenience. Dow, in collaboration with brand owners, retailers and converters, is constantly developing innovative packaging materials to help ensure all three. 

Dow resins for meat packaging are designed to provide:

  • Proper oxygen barrier
  • Seal integrity
  • Package toughness

Dow resins for meat packaging are also designed to work effectively with converters’ high-speed equipment and can tribute to a more cost-efficient operation.

From fresh meat, poultry and seafood to bulk deli, hot dogs and bacon, Dow packaging materials preserve freshness, enhance appearance and reduce costs.

Barrier Shrink Bags

Barrier shrink bags using Dow advanced materials produce stronger, thinner packaging that helps keep meat fresh longer and reduces puncture and package failures.

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Vacuum Packaging

Because vacuum packaging removes almost all of the residual oxygen from the package, it offers a lot of benefits to retailers and consumers alike.

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Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Using our application development expertise, we collaborate on innovative meat packaging structures such as rigid trays with flexible lidding to deliver more convenience to the consumer and help manufacturers and converters improve productivity.

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