Beverage Packaging that Pours On the Performance

Stand up pouches do exactly that – stand up. That makes for a convenient, attractive, retail-friendly packaging method.

Dow was an early adapter of stand up pouches for juice back in the early 1980s and has been innovating new uses for stand up pouches ever since. Today, stand up pouches using Dow resins, adhesives and coatings are used for a wide variety of food, personal care and home care products.

All Stand Up Pouches Are Not Alike

Dow's PE Stand Up Pouch is an innovative packaging solution that meets consumer’s expectations and helps create a better future for the environment. An all polyethylene stand up pouch (PE-SUP) using Dow resins and technology has several advantages over multi-material versions:

  • Comparable functional performance
  • Fully recyclable*
  • Potential for total system cost saving

Dow's Stand Up Pouch

To meet the growing demand for environmentally-friendly packaging, Dow developed the PE Stand Up Pouch (SUP) made from only one raw material, polyethylene.

A PE Stand Up Pouch offers the same convenience and performance of multi-material pouches with the added benefit of being recyclable where PE bag and film recovery currently exists.

When compared to other packaging options, PE Stand Up Pouches are often lighter in weight and that can lead to decreased energy use in manufacturing, transportation and refrigeration.

The recyclability and energy efficiency of PE Stand Up Pouches can help a company meet its sustainability goals. Expanding sustainability is a corporate-wide effort that Dow has been advocating for over two decades. Learn more about Dow’s overall 2025 Sustainability Goals.

PE Stand Up Pouch Applications

The PE stand up pouch can create a unique, glossy and aesthetically pleasing package that can showcase frozen foods, dry goods and more.

Frozen Food – Pre-cooked and frozen vegetables and legumes; frozen fruit and fruit pulp; animal protein based products.

Dry Products – Cereals, crackers, flour products, grains & legumes, spices & seasonings, pie / cake / bread mixes.

Flexible Liquid Packaging Pouches Reduce Costs and Waste

Dow resins for liquid packaging preserve beverage freshness, protect liquid contents, and minimize storage and waste.

With a broad portfolio of packaging resins and technologies, proven application development expertise and technical support, Dow helps brand owners and converters create innovative liquid packaging pouches. We focus on finding the best solution for every application, and pouch uses range from cooking oil to children’s juices to non-food products.

Nucrel® and Bynel® for Cooking Oil Pouches
Cooking oils packaged in sealed nylon pouches cut liquid packaging equipment costs while ensuring a hygienic, unadulterated product for consumers (in some parts of the world, used oils are rebottled and sold as new). To minimize leaks, these tough pouches rely on a heat-seal layer of Nucrel® acid copolymer resin bound to the nylon barrier layer by Bynel® coextrudable adhesive resin.

Surlyn® for Flexible Consumer Packaging
Today it’s feasible to package liquid products such as household cleaners in flexible pouches, thanks to Surlyn® resin. In addition to cutting storage and shipping costs, these rugged, leak-proof, flexible packages provide dramatic graphic capabilities compared to conventional rigid containers. And Surlyn® meets tough performance requirements with the best hot tack, seal-through contamination, and stiffness of any high-performance sealant.