Dow collaborates to address the unique challenges of packaging frozen food.


Frozen fruits and vegetables have experienced a dramatic increase in popularity as consumers recognize the flavor, appearance and nutritional advantages over canned versions.

But frozen food packaging presents a unique set of challenges — all being addressed through a collaborative approach across the value chain.

Frozen Food Packaging Challenges:

Durability - Frozen foods often have sharp edges; packaging applications made with Dow materials are durable and can handle all types of frozen food.

Flexibility - Dow materials can help packages stay flexible at low temperatures without cracking.

Flavor - Frozen food packaging made with products from Dow is designed to keep flavor from escaping.

Pack Studios – Where Collaboration Drives Innovation

Your frozen food packaging challenge will find the perfect solution at Dow’s Pack Studios. With a global network of packaging experts, Dow’s Pack Studios feature the latest equipment, materials and testing capabilities all under one roof and in the spirit of collaboration. Learn more about Pack Studios.


Two frozen food stand up pouches

Stand Up Pouches

Stand up pouches can be made with Dow resins, adhesives and coatings to accommodate a wide variety of frozen food. Lightweight, sustainable and convenient, stand up pouches are starting to be seen everywhere – including the frozen food aisle.

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