DuPont™ SURLYN® 3D Containers

DuPont™ Surlyn® 3D Containers Using Overmolding Technology Offers Visual Effects for Cosmetics Packaging

Surlyn® 3D containers involve the overmolding of a single or multilayer polymer inner container with glass-like transparent, highly-durable Surlyn® resins. Named Surlyn® 3D, the D’s stand for Design, Decoration and Depth.

The Surlyn® 3D containers using overmolding technology offer greater design freedom in the production of perfume, personal care and make-up packaging in different shapes and with a range of visual effects – from crystal transparency, colored translucence to frosted effects.

Enhancements include:

  • Shapes and colors for the inner and outer containers of perfume, personal care and make-up packaging.
  • Material combinations for improved barrier properties and chemical resistance according to the cosmetics ingredients and application.

The Result? Creation of cosmetic and perfume packaging with glass-like transparency, luxury decorative effects and increased consumer safety and convenience that simultaneously reflect brand identity and achieve product differentiation.